Children Classes


Children Classes

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Childrens' Classes

Dove Studios is an oasis of creativity which offers a safe and nurturing space for children to develop their creativity and skills. We provide scope for artistic continuity and growth on a short, mid and long term basis. Dove Studios is a fun learning environment to complement school. 

The facilitators alternate classes to share their knowledge and expertise. Dove Studios is based in the heart of Chelsea near to the capitals most wonderful museums including the magnificent V&A.  

All our facilitators are CRB checked.

Children’s classes are available during term time.

Sessions are booked in a series of 10 classes.

Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Art and Creativity sessions are offered to adults wishing to explore their imagination. Cornelia will tailor the ninety minute session to complement your enquiry into visual culture.

Dove Studios is a nurturing space in Chelsea where you can follow your curiosity, and where you can discuss and share your ‘findings’. Students can experiment with various mediums including drawing, painting, collage, pastels, making your own projects/personal gifts and much more.

Private tuition can be arranged upon request.


Mummy and Me

Mummy and Me

Mummy and Me Mornings


Mummy/Daddy or Nanny and me classes are offered to those who would like to spend quality time with their child and want some guidance in an art environment.

You and your child will be shown different ways of engaging with the art materials and there will be a different set of activities each time you come.

The emphasis is about enjoying the process together and less about performance and the end result.

The objective is to follow the child’s curiosity and to bolster their self-esteem, (possibly yours too in the process!).  

Like cooking, you can also take away “dove studios art recipes” to replicate at home having tried them out beforehand.

Projects involve:

Painting, Drawing, Making and Sticking.

By the end of 8 to 10 sessions, you will be able to collaborate with your child and encourage him or her to be creative, this will facilitate their self-expression.

Private sessions can also be arranged. 
Sessions are booked in a series, and a minimum of 6 to 8 is recommended.

There is a maximum of 6 people in a group class.

Weekend Camps

Weekend Camps

Arts and crafts Weekend Fun!

Holiday and weekend camps will resume in September 2018

Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm

  • Magic Art

  • Let’s make magic

  • Space weekend

  • Holiday season

  • Make Art like the artist:

    • Abstract art with Mondrian
    • Kandinsky’s colours 
    • Pointtillism with Seurat

Art is Therapy

Art is Therapy


Art is Therapy!

The student is invited into the space for every kind of personal creative enquiry.

The art studio is also used as a space to explore emotional literacy.

Self discovery is often amplified through the use of arts and crafts and the imagination.

Art is its own champion of both emotional health and healing. We see art as a complementary process to psychotherapy, this is why Dove Studios is also used by people who wish to complement their therapeutic process.

The toy library and two Kalffian sandplay boxes are available for this purpose. 

We offer a weekend course for art therapists-in-training, in how to deepen their range and experience, through exploring the variety of materials in the art studio.

Sketch Book Museum Visits

Sketch Book Museum Visits

Sketch Book Museum Visits


Picasso at the Tate:      Saturday 16th June 2018

Frida Kahlo at the V&A:    Saturday 15th September 2018


For all the colour loving artists out there, come and draw with us and get Inspired!

Making the museum experience your own, get guidance and strategies to make new creations from the wealth of colour and beauty that you see around you.

Bring your sketch book and coloured pencils!


*Pay your own entry fee on arrival at the Museum PLUS
Dove Studios Art mentor fee £10 per student payable in advance.






Mask Making

Mask Making

Childrens Workshop for Decoration of
Papier-Mache Mask


Birthdays and Corporate events

1.5 hour workshop.


Masks to be decorated

One mask per child chosen from different models, all hand-made out of papier-mâché according to the Venetian tradition.


Decoration techniques used

Different techniques to choose from, including finishing touches such as feathers and sequins if desired. 


What will the participant do

Your child/children will decorate and take home his/her finished and personalized Venetian papier-mâché mask. 



Kids (6+). No special skills are required for this workshop as all levels are welcome. 



  • Ready-made papier-mâché mask

  • Paintbrushes

  • Acrylic tempera

  • Metallic paint

  • Finishing Wax 

  • Feathers 

  • Ribbons 

  • Water bowls

  • Hairdryers 

  • Aprons for participants 


*No dangerous material or equipment is used during the workshop. All necessary materials are provided.




If you are interested in being mentored or learn to become a creative mentor, please give us a call to discuss options.

Artist Retreat_what_we_do

Artist Retreat_what_we_do

Coming July 2019

Artist Retreat

The summer creativity week held in the South of France, is open to all creative individuals, wishing to work and reflect on their own projects in a mutually supportive environment. 

This is an opportunity to be in beautiful surroundings and to relax and share your findings with like-minded people.